Dry Needling & E-Stim Dry Needling

An effective, simple, and efficient treatment for life’s aches & pains.

Dry needling and electro dry needling (also referred to as e-stim) is a trusted part of osteopathy at Doctors of Osteo. For those whose movements and lifestyle are limited by tension, pain, or muscle soreness, dry needling is one of our more specialised, yet effective treatment options.

How does dry needling work?

We use incredibly fine, solid needles (unlike the hollow sort used for injections). This means they’re essentially painless – most patients don’t even feel them as they’re placed. And in some cases (when e-stim is applied), those needles will deliver a minor electric current.

Despite their smaller size, they do have the potential to leave a large improvement. Your body recognises that something unfamiliar is in your system, and relaxes the local muscles (in an attempt to let the needles fall out). It also sends extra blood flow and nutrients to the area as a part of the immune response, which aids in recovery.

Together, these help tight, wounded muscles relax, and give them the best foundation to heal. With the right exercises and treatment plan, dry needling can be an effective element in your recovery.

The team at Doctors of Osteo wants each and every person to have access to the treatment suited to them. And to ensure we’re equipped to help as many people as possible, we’ve taken on additional training and experience to offer dry needling services. It’s not particularly common in our industry, but something we trust can better the lives of our patients.

Comfortable, Efficient, and Trusted Osteopathy Processes

Whether dry needling is a part of your treatment plan or not, our team will usually follow a similar process towards your recovery:

  • We get to know you – This means we listen, and find out a little about your life and daily routine, and what specific issues you might be experiencing.

  • We try to find why that’s a problem – Pain and discomfort are more than annoying – they’re often stopping you from enjoying an element of life. We usually try to find out why you’re seeking treatment, and recommend the best plan possible to suit your goals.

  • A plan is put together – We’ll work closely with you to try and alleviate your issues, and have you back enjoying the things that are important to you. Your swift and complete recovery is our number one priority.

Are there any side effects?

Although rare, some patients will feel some strange sensations in the area of treatment – lasting anywhere from two hours to two days. It may sometimes be unpleasant, but it’s also a sign that the treatment has had an effect on the local muscles. And if performed by a trained osteopath, that reaction will largely be for the better.

Of course, if you do have any preferences or points of consideration, one of our friendly practitioners can develop a treatment plan to suit your needs (and what you’re most comfortable with).

Is dry needling best for me?

Thankfully, we don’t really expect patients to know the exact treatments they’ll need. That’s why we start by getting to know you, and why you’re looking for an osteopath.

So if you’re experiencing pain, discomfort, or muscle tension, reach out to our team. Our osteos can find the best solution for your specific circumstances, and get you back to doing what you love.